Monday, 1 August 2011

Issues about Cloud computing

Issues about Cloud computing

Most Indian enterprises have apprehension over adopting cloud computing as they have experienced more security issues while using Cloud service than their global counterparts, a recent global cloud security survey conducted by Trend Micro has said.

A high 55 per cent of enterprises surveyed by Trend Micro said they experienced a data security lapse or issue with their cloud service provider within the last 12 months, more than the global average.

The global survey of 1200 US, UK, Germany, India, Canada and Japan IT decision makers confirmed that, on the whole, enterprises are moving toward the cloud at a brisk pace and are initiating a giant multiplicative wave of new deployments.

For four technologies/services (server virtualization, VDI, public and private cloud services), market penetration numbers are significantly higher in India, US and UK.

Despite the growing popularity of cloud computing in India, however, confusion is still at play among enterprises, some of whom don't recognize what cloud computing services are. When presented with a list of cloud computing services, 96 percent of the respondents said they are currently working with at least one of them.

Based on our data, we see about 5 times more cloud applications coming online in the next few years, yet 44 percent of the survey respondents in India reported having experienced a IT security breach. On top of that, some respondents didnt even know they were using the cloud, much less securing it. Given that many cloud service providers do not adequately add IT resources to security, the reality is that securing your cloud environment is not an option, its a necessity, said Amit Nath, country manager of India, Trend Micro.

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