Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Evolution of Google Logo

The Evolution of Google Logo

First Google Logo Evolution

In September 1998, Sergey Brin created the first Google Logo using the open source graphics software GIMP. As an amateur he added simple effects to the word Google. He used the primary colors and gave an emboss effect to make it appear like 3D. Later an exclamation mark was added.

New Google Logo

The present famous Google logo was designed by the graphic designer Ruth Kedar. When she was working at Stanford she was commissioned to design the Google logo. The present Google logo is very simple, slimmer and sexier. It uses simple fonts and colors. The font used in the logo is called Catull. It gives a calligraphic feel with contrasting stroke weights and distinctive serifs.
The simplicity of the logo describes the simplicity of the search engine Google. The two O’s are in different colors to emphasize the infinity. A subtle shadow is rendered in a different shading style. This logo was officially launched on May 6, 2010. Google logo is unique, eye catching and very simple. Though it is very simple it speaks volume about the company, it right off the bat tells the simplicity of the Search Engine Google and its universal acceptance.

Google Doodles

To mark holidays, birthdays of famous people and major events, Google uses specially drawn logos known as the Google Doodles. The very first Google Doodle was a reference to the Burning Man Festival in 1999. Larry and Sergey put a little stick figure on the home page to let people know why no one was in the office in case the website crashed! Now, Google Doodles are regularly drawn by Dennis Hwang.

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