Thursday, 23 August 2012

Top 10 Make over Tips

10. Fabulous Haircut

No makeover can be called complete without a hairstyle change. Go for a cut that you have never tried before, preferably, way different from your current style. You will amazed at how instantly and effortlessly a great haircut can dramatically change your look! Summer is a time to be a free spirit – so go for a cut that is low maintenance and keeps you looking young and fresh.

9. Toss Heavy Make-up

Summer is the time to let loose and not be worried about your make up running down your cheeks or getting wiped with your sweat. The one thing your skin needs is sunscreen. Anything other than that is optional. I am not saying your should go completely sans makeup. But try to keep it really minimal.
My suggestion would be to apply sunscreen and light powder to even out your skin tone. It also helps if your sunscreen is greasy or sticky, which is often the case with higher SPF ones.

8. Swap your drinks

You need your daily cuppa, but do you need it hourly? Depending on how many you drink, replace one of your caffeine shots that includes coffee, tea and cola with juice (Vitamin C), green tea (antioxidants), and a yoghurt smoothie (calcium). Keep a one-litre bottle of water around you at all times. Finish it by the end of your work day. Drink another at home.

7. Sunscreen – A Summer Essential!

I cannot stress this enough! No matter how little you think your exposure to the sun is going to be, NEVER skip the sunscreen. Depending on your skin tone, texture and activity level you may choose anything between SPF 20 and SPF 70. If you have normal skin and medium complexion you SPF 30 is the minimum you need and you can go beyond SPF 70 on your beach days. Make sure you choose waterproof formulas for the beach. Don’t apply moisturizer before applying sunscreen – it diminishes the protection offered by sunscreen. If your skin is too dry, choose a moisturizing sunscreen. Don’t limit it to your face – use sunscreen on all the exposed skin and reapply as needed.

6. Keep your eyes young

The thin skin around your eyes is where you’ll see the first signs of ageing (puffy eyes, dark under-eye circles and lines). Check for food allergies, salt (an excess can lead to water retention) and water consumption (even a little less shows). Smoking, sinus, and lack of sleep (less than seven hours) add up. Always apply eye cream with your ring (third) finger as its the weakest so you dont put too much pressure on the delicate skin. Pat it in, dont rub.

5. Look Terrific in Serious Shades

Sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection are a must for the blazing summer afternoons. I would suggest you go a step further and buy polarized sunglasses. They protect your eyes against the sunlight reflecting from water, shiny metals or glass surfaces. The quality of your vision also improves dramatically as they provide better contrast. You will especially appreciate the difference when you are on the beach or out driving on a hot summer day – you will experience no squinting and your eyes will feel rested even after a long day under the sun.
Contrary to what most people think, polarized glasses don’t command a premium. In fact, you will be surprised to know it’s very difficult to find polarized version of the designer sunglasses. So, I am not asking you to go all out and splurge.

4. Start some vitamins

A regular multivitamin is required for healthy skin, hair and nails. The change of season is the right time for oil-based vitamins, says Delhi-based dermatologist Dr Shehla Agarwal. Start with Vitamin A once a day for 30 days to take care of dry skin and follow it up with Vitamin E for a month to get a glow in the winter. There are several antioxidant tablets available to help with anti-ageing. Check with your doctor.

3. Cut down sugar

The food diary helps you balance your meals but remember to be extra vigilant about sugar. The calories from sugary foods are worse than the calories from fatty foods, as they lead to an unregulated metabolic rate, says Hyderabad-based fitness expert, Dinaz Vervatwala. Cut down on the consumption of sugar and refined foods permanently. You should only be eating them 20 percent of the time in a month. Sugar can cause premature ageing as it can trigger a breakdown of collagen and elastin. It also makes your skin more sensitive to the sun, the prime cause of ageing.

2. Smooth Hair-free Body

It’s time to let you skin see the light of the day and get some fresh summer breeze. And when you do wear short dresses, sleeveless tops or bikinis, you want to make sure your body looks silky smooth and there is no unwanted hair growth acting as an eye sore!
One thing that can turn painful during summer is the thought of having to shave your legs every day or even every other day! Make a resolution this summer to stay away from razors. Try an epilator for incredibly long lasting results that’s also easy on the pocket. Plus the epilator can be used for your arms, under arms, bikini area and even face – so no more spending time and money at the salon for any kind of hair removal. You can use it at the convenience of your home and stay hair-free for weeks!

1.Start your anti-ageing now

Experts advise that you start using anti-ageing products as early as your mid-20s. So if you havent as yet, start today! Good choices include the Ponds Age Miracle or Gold Radiance ranges. Prioritise sunscreen; it goes a long way in fighting wrinkles. Pick a broad spectrum product with active agents such as Avobenzone and Mexoryl for UVA rays, and zinc oxide and titanium dioxide for UVB rays. Use the sunscreen on your hands, feet, ears, neck, and the back of your neck as well. Try Lakme Sun Expert SPF 30 (Rs 250; 100ml) or Neutrogenas Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 50 (RS 450), which glide on without a hint of oiliness.

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