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Choosing the Perfect Domain Name for Your Blog or Business Website

Choosing a blog name is one thing that any blogger shouldn’t rush into because a blog name is the first foundation for building a successful blog. In this article I will be sharing with you the important steps to follow when choosing a blog name or domain name for your business either online or offline.
how to choose a good domain name

Step by step guide on how to choose a perfect blog name or domain name

When it comes to choosing a domain name for your new blog or offline/online business, most people get confused as what they plan to use is already taken by someone else. It’s for this reason people go with wrong domain names but before you choose, you should consider these few points.

It should be short

A short blog name or domain name is easy to remember than a long domain name, only choose a name that will be easily remembered by your blog visitors in case they want to revisit your blog again. Remember that not all blog readers will remember your blog url or name if it is too long so always go for a short and easy to remember blog or domain name.
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The name should be self descripsive

Your blog name should be able to describe what your blog is about to your blog readers an example of a descriptive domain name is This is a self descriptive domain name which tells every first time visitor what the blog is about. A descriptive domain name describes what your blog is about to a first time visitor just at the first sight of the domain name, people can figure out what your blog is about if it is self descriptive and they will be patient to read your blog if they are interested in what blog url stated to them.
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Register a .com domain name

A .com domain is the most visited extension of a blog and almost all popular blogs focus on a .com domain name. When browsing on the internet, most internet surfers usually type every domain name with a .com extension at the end because they are too familiar with it. It is the most popular and most used extension so it’s much more preferable.

Easy spellings

You should consider using an easy to spell word for your domain name, you can use a word from English or let’s something from the dictionary. This will help people know the spelling of your domain name because some blog names are very hard to spell e.g which is very difficult to spell and remember. For this reason, you must consider choosing a name that’s easy to spell.

No hypens

To me, hypens are considered as a pretty bad practice for a domain name. It makes a blog lose most of its daily, monthly, and even yearly blog visitors for nothing. A domain with hypens looks like this and most times, users forget to add this hyphen.
This tips will guide you in choosing a perfect blog name or domain name for your business, a perfect name is a perfect business foundation, and remember a perfect name is the first foundation for any blog or website. Make sure you carefully choose a perfect domain name either for your online or offline business.
My question for you: What name have you decided or chosen for your blog and how perfect is the name? Share your thoughts with us.
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