Wednesday, 4 September 2013

How to Deal With Windows XP Black Screen

Do you find black screen error on Windows XP? You tried your best but of no vein and ready to change PC. It is time to change your mind, with few steps get rid of this problem. Uninstallation and re-installation of Windows might damage computer. Look for a solution to fix your PC problems instead of just reinstalling system.

People take it as immense disaster in system but do not go in details. If you are regular user, so with few instructions make machine good to work. This usually occurs when your system stops responding, thus results in black screen.
There may be three expected reasons for this problem:
Reason 1: Faulty RAM or Video Card in the Motherboard of the System
Solution: Fix them at proper location and make sure their working. Faulty RAM or Video Card creates problem in startup of Windows and a Black screen error may occur.
Reason 2: If any USB, DVD, or any floppy disk (inserted) in their drives when system starts.
Solution: Remove any DVD, Floppy, or USB stick when u starts system. At times, they halt system to load files and to precede Windows.
Reason 3: Corrupted Master Boot Record
Solution: Follow the procedure:
1.      Insert disc of Windows XP and restart system
2.      Press Enter at welcome setup screen
3.      Press f8 to the license agreement
4.      With option of arrow keys select repair installation by pressing R
5.      Windows XP setup will repair the installation files
6.      System will restart automatically
7.      Then setup program will complete the repair of XP installation.
8.      Now follow the reaming steps for this, you must have Windows product key
9.      Once issue is resolved make it sure system firewall is enabled.
If this procedure does not work properly, you can take some actions in command prompt to get best results. Follow these actions:
1.      Enter administrator password.
2.      You can repair he master boot record using the “fixmbr” command.
3.      In Recovery Console command prompt, type “fixmbr” and press Y to confirm.
4.      Recovery Console is to be installed in Windows.
5.      This will repair the master boot record and will work better.
6.      Moreover, if this command does not help you type “fixboot” and press Y to confirm (in case the primary boot partition is a FAT partition).
7.      Now system will work competently without any error.

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