Monday, 13 May 2013

How to Make Money in Blogger With Adsense Keywords

If you are new to blogging with Blogger and wondering how to make money with Adsense this article is for you. If you have Google Adsense on your blog but are disappointed with the revenue generated so far then read on. Even if Google Adsense is performing well for you i am going to give you some tips that will mean you will earn extra money from Google Adsense.

Why are Keywords so important for Blogger?
In order to make money from blogging with Blogger it is important first to understand the significance of keywords and keywords phrases. Via Google Adwords, the sister of Google Adsense, advertisers bid for keywords and keyword phrases. The more frequently these keyword terms are searched for the higher make money or make money online which receive a huge number of monthly searches are to paying keywords and are worth so much to advertisers.
To make money with Google Adsense all you need do once your blog is receiving traffic is sign up with Google Adsense, receive a unique code and then place Google Adsense ads on your Blogger blog. These ad units are targeted automatically based on the keywords and keyword phrases which appear in the content of your posts. You get paid for every click on one of your Google Adsense ads. The amount you get paid is determined by the value of the keywords or keyword phrases used.

As a web publisher it is important to be mindful when crafting your content that you use Google keywords and keyword phrases relevant to your blog's content. This does not mean that you stuff your posts with Google keywords to generate higher Google Adsense payments. In fact having too many keywords stuffing and could mean your blog is penalized by Google. A good rule of thumb is to have 3-5% of your content made up of your blog's keywords. A keyword density over 7% is too high and risks penalty.

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