Wednesday, 15 May 2013

How to prepare Resume?

What is a Resume?
The word “resume” is a French word meaning “summary”. Often times, you’ll hear a resume referred to as a “vitale”; a Latin word meaning “data about life”. They are both the same thing - a simple, well-organized profile of your experiences and qualifications.
A resume is your calling card when you apply for a job. Usually, your resume has to sell an employer on giving you an interview. Interviews get the job; resumes can only get an interview. Very often, personnel people will pattern the interview on the resume they have received from you. Thus, it is essential that you have a resume and that it be a good one.
A resume should contain brief but sufficient information to tell a prospective employer:
• Who you are
• What type of job you would like to do
• What you can do
• What you have done
• What you know
Your resume is often the first contact an employer will have with you, so it is important that you present yourself to your best advantage. Your resume must look professional and read professionally.


  • Keep your resume to one or two pages - do not go beyond two pages.
  • Employers want to look at a resume and quickly find the information they need - keep it clear and concise.

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