Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Prayer For A Loved One

Prayer For A Loved One

Dear Heavenly Father,

You have abundantly blessed me
With special loved ones...
Who have loved and comforted me
Throughout this life of mine.

Thank you for being so gracious to me;
You take care of my every need.

I come to You in prayer
Asking You to bless...
A very special loved one.

This dear person is in pain;
The kind only You can take away.

As I send up this prayer
Please comfort my loved one;
And in Your own unique way...
Let them feel Your presence.

It will help them so much to know;
That they are never ever really alone.

I have complete trust in You...

I know that You can hear me;
And will answer my prayer.

Soon my loved one will know
Just how much You and I love
And care for them so.

Thank You once again
For all that You do;
Not just for me,
But many others too.

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