Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Windows 7 Backup To Network Location

If you want to prevent your computer from worst your data, files. you can take take backup of your computer to a network location. This the enhance feature in windows 7. you can create backup schedule of your computer. In the future in the failure of you computer you can recover your all data from backup which you have take on Network.

 Take Windows 7 Backup To Network Location

Follows these steps to take backup windows 7 to a network location ...

Windows 7 Backup to Network Location

1. Click on Start button , then type backup and restore in  Search box and then Click on Backup and Restore option .

2.  Now Click on Set Up Backup on Back Up or restore windows .

3. Now You have to choose Backup location where you want to take Back Up, Click on Save on a network.. for Backup on a network Location .

4. Now Click on Browse and select network Location where you want to take backup , Folder must be shared in which you want to take back up .
Type the Path of the Share folder where you want to take backup on your Home Network

 then Give to User name and password of Network Location system and then Click on OK .

5.  Now Select Backup destination which you have added , then Click on Next .

6. If you choose Let choose windows backup , then it will not backup of drive which formatted with FAT .
Then you can choose Let me choose for Custom backup  and then Click on Next .

7. Now select file or Folder check box  which you want to take backup and you can select Include a System image of drive : SYSTEM drive to Backup of System Image Drive then Click on Next .

8. Now check your selected files and folder for backup . and if you want to change schedule of your backup then click on change schedule , and then next windows Select date and time for schedule and then Click on ok and then Click save setting and run backup .

9. Now Backup Process is Going on .............

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