Thursday, 30 October 2014

How to Update a Bank Account for Google AdSense

You can't update your Google AdSense bank accounts -- only add new ones.
You can't update your Google AdSense bank accounts -- only add new ones.
Google AdSense is a contextual ad service which displays relevant ads on your website. AdSense supports EFT (electronic fund transfer), meaning that they can deposit the revenue you earn through the program directly into your bank account. If your account details have changed and you want your revenue to go to a different account, you must register a new bank account, as old account details cannot be edited or updated, even by AdSense support staff.
Go to the AdSense site and log in. Click “Payments” from the “Overview” menu and then click “Payment settings.”


Select “Add a new bank account” next to the “Available forms of payment” header and then enter all of your bank account details into the fields provided. Note that you will need to enter the bank account holder's name exactly as it appears on the account. When you have entered all the details, click the “Make this my selection for future payments” check box and then click “Save.”


Check your bank account regularly over the next 10 days. AdSense will make a test deposit of $0.15-$1.10 into your account, which you will use to verify that you are the owner of the account. When you see the test deposit, make a note of the amount.


Go back to the AdSense “Payment settings” screen and then click “Verify this account.” Enter the amount of your test deposit into the text field and then click “Next.” Upon receiving the correct test deposit amount, AdSense will approve your new account. Click the new account to set it as your default payment method.

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