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APPTITUDE - Problems on Ages

Problems on Ages

Simple problems:

1.The present age of a father is 3 years more than three times
the age of his son.Three years hence,father’s age will be 10
years more than twice the age of the son.Find the present age
of the father.

Solution: Let the present age be 'x' years.
Then father's present age is 3x+3 years.
Three years hence
Hence father's present age = 3x+3 = 33 years.

2. One year ago the ratio of Ramu & Somu age was 6:7respectively.
Four years hence their ratio would become 7:8. How old is Somu.

Solution: Let us assume Ramu &Somu ages are x &y respectively.
One year ago their ratio was 6:7
i.e x-1 / y-1 = 7x-6y=1
Four years hence their ratios,would become 7:8
i.e x-4 / y-4 = 7 / 8
From the above two equations we get y= 36 years.
i.e Somu present age is 36 years.

3. The total age of A &B is 12 years more than the total age of
B&C. C is how many year younger than A.

Solution: From the given data
A+B = 12+(B+C)
A+B-(B+C) = 12
A-C=12 years.
C is 12 years younger than A

4. The ratio of the present age of P & Q is 6:7. If Q is 4 years
old than P. what will be the ratio of the ages of P & Q after
4 years.

Solution: The present age of P & Q is 6:7 i.e
P / Q = 6 / 7
Q is 4 years old than P i.e Q = P+4.
P/ P+4 = 6/7
7P-6P = 24,
P = 24 , Q = P+4 =24+4 = 28
After 4 years the ratio of P &Q is
24+4 : 28+4 = 28:32 = 7:8

5. The ratio of the age of a man & his wife is 4:3.After 4 years this
ratio will be 9:7. If the time of marriage the ratio was 5:3,
then how many years ago were they married.

Solution: The age of a man is 4x .
The age of his wife is 3x.
After 4 years their ratio's will be 9:7 i.e
4x+4 / 3x+4 = 9 / 7
x = 8.
Age of a man is 4x = 4*8 = 32 years.
Age of his wife is 3x = 3*8 = 24 years.
Let us assume 'y' years ago they were married ,
the ratio was 5:3 ,i.e
32-y / 24-y = 5/ 3
y=12 years
i.e 12 years ago they were married


6. Sneh's age is 1/6th of her father's age.Sneh's father's age will
be twice the age of Vimal's age after 10 years. If Vimal’s eight
birthday was celebrated two years before,then what is Sneh's
present age.

a) 6 2/3 years b) 24 years c) 30 years d) None of the above

Solution: Assume Sneh’s age is 'x' years.
Assume her fathers age is 'y' years.
Sneh’s age is 1/6 of her fathers age i.e x = y /6.
Father’s age will be twice of Vimal's age after 10
i.e y+10 = 2( V+10)( where 'V' is the Vimal's age)
Vimal's eight birthday was celebrated two years before,
Then the Vimal's present age is 10 years.
Y+10 = 2(10+10)
Y=30 years.
Sneh's present age x = y/6
x = 30/6 = 5 years.
Sneh's present age is 5 years.

7.The sum of the ages of the 5 children's born at the intervals of
3 years each is 50 years what is the age of the youngest child.

a) 4 years b) 8 years c) 10 years d)None of the above

Solution: Let the age of the children's be
x ,x+3, x+6, x+9, x+12.
x+(x+3)+(x+6)+(x+9)+(x+12) = 50
5x+30 = 50
5x = 20
Age of the youngest child is x = 4 years.

8. If 6 years are subtracted from the present age of Gagan and
the remainder is divided by 18,then the present age of his
grandson Anup is obtained. If Anup is 2 years younger to Madan
whose age is 5 years,then what is Gagan's present age.

a) 48 years b)60 years c)84 years d)65 years

Solution: Let us assume Gagan present age is 'x' years.
Anup age = 5-2 = 3 years.
(x-6) / 18 = 3
x-6 = 54
x=60 years

9.My brother is 3 years elder to me. My father was 28 years of
age when my sister was born while my father was 26 years of age
when i was born. If my sister was 4 years of age when my brother
was born,then what was the age my father and mother respectively
when my brother was born.

a) 32 yrs, 23yrs b)32 yrs, 29yrs c)35 yrs,29yrs d)35yrs,33 yrs

Solution: My brother was born 3 years before I was born & 4
years after my sister was born.
Father's age when brother was born = 28+4 = 32 years.
Mother's age when brother was born = 26-3 = 23 years.

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