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Thirukkural in English - From chapters 061 to 070

061 Avoiding sloth - From chapters 061 to 070

0601 The eternal flame of a family vanishes
When eclipsed by that dark cloud called laziness.

0602 Sloth is dismissed as sloth by those
Who wish to retain their family repute.

0603 A fool, who holds on to sloth,
Will ruin his household before he gets ruined.

0604 The society that broods in sloth without striving,
Decays and steeps in crime.

0605 The pleasure-junks of destruction are four:
Procrastination, forgetfulness, sloth and sleep.

0606 Seldom do men possessed by sloth achieve anything great
Even if they possess worldly wealth.

0607 The lazy ones, inept in noble exertion,
Must endure scolding and scorn.

0608 If sloth inhabits a family,
The family will soon be enslaved to its foes.

0609 Even inherent flaws in a family can be overcome
By getting rid of indolence.

0610 A king freed of sloth can get at once
All that the Lord had measured by his feet.

062 Manliness

0611 Do not give up saying "It is impossible".
Effort will overcome.

0612 Leave no task incomplete,
For the world gives up those who give up.

0613 The pride of being a philanthropist belongs to those
Who have that quality called perseverance.

0614 The liberality of the indolent man will not endure,
Like a sword in eunuch's hand.

0615 A pillar of comfort to his friends is he
Who scorns delight and loves labour.

0616 Exertion leads to wealth;
Lack of it brings forth poverty.

0617 The black ogress 'misfortune' lurks in laziness,
While goddess 'fortune' lingers in active men.

0618 Ill-luck is never blamed. What is blamed
Is knowledge without exertion.

0619 Even though God be against,
Effort is bound to pay the wages of labour.

0620 Those who never get tired of striving undauntedly
Shall leave even Fate behind.

063 Courage in trouble

0621 Laugh at misfortune. There is nothing so able,
To triumph over it.

0622 Misfortune may rise like a flood,
But the wise counter it by firm thoughts.

0623 Those whom grief cannot grieve
Can grieve grief itself.

0624 Trouble is troubled by him who like a bull
Drags his cart through every hurdle.

0625 The resolute can put their troubles to trouble
Even if it comes relentlessly.

0626 Will they whine "We have nothing",
Who never crowed "We have much?"

0627 Knowing body a target of miseries,
The great are not troubled in calamities.

0628 He will never be sad who scorns delight
And takes sorrow in his stride.

0629 He who never exulted in joy
Will not be depressed by sorrow.

0630 To take pain as pleasure
Is to gain your foe's esteem.

064 Ministers

0631 Call him minister who best contrives the means,
The time, the mode and the deed.

0632 A minister excels in firmness, protection,
Learning and perseverance, besides the five tactics.

0633 An able minister can disunite allies,
Cherish friends and reunite enemies.

0634 Call him a minister who comprehends things,
Executes them and directs others.

0635 A helpful counsellor knows the codes,
Is learned in discourse and ever resourceful.

0636 What is there too subtle to stand before men
Who add learning to their intelligence?

0637 Even if well-versed in theory,
Act as per the ways of the world.

0638 It is a minister's duty to advise aright
Though the ruler in ignorance may refute wisdom.

0639 Better seventy million open foes
Than one treacherous minister inside.

0640 The inefficient will leave undone
Even well-planned schemes.

065 Persuasiveness

0641 Real asset is the gift of speech.
That gift is a class apart from all other gifts.

0642 Speech can both make and mar,
And hence guard it from negligence.

0643 A speech should hold fast the convinced
And be pleasing even to the unconvinced.

0644 Speak to the capacity of the audience.
Nothing more virtuous or valuable than this.

0645 Utter not a word without making sure
There is no other word to beat it.

0646 To speak as desired and gain from what others say
Is the hallmark of spotless men.

0647 An eloquent, tireless and fearless speaker
Can rarely be prevailed upon by any one.

0648 The world will rush and listen to those
Who can to speak orderly and pleasingly.

0649 Those fond of talking much
Cannot be brief and faultless.

0650 Those who can't express what they have learnt
Are a bunch of flowers without scent.

066 Honest dealing

0651 Good alliance brings success;
And good deeds all one needs.

0652 Avoid always deeds that do not lead to
Lasting good and fame.

0653 Those who seek greatness must avoid
What will stain their name.

0654 Men of clear understanding
Will not do mean acts even in distress.

0655 Do not do what you will regret; and if you do,
Better not repeat the same.

0656 Do not do what the wise condemn
Even to save your starving mother.

0657 Better the pinching poverty of the wise
Than the pile of wealth hoarded by vice.

0658 Ends achieved without any regard to the means
Will bring grief..

0659 What's gained with other's tears will go in tears;
What's won fair, though lost, will surge again.

0660 Stocking ill-got wealth is like storing
Water in an unbaked pot.

067 Efficiency

0661 Efficiency consists in a resolute mind.
Other things come thereafter.

0662 To avoid failures and not to give up despite failures
Are the two traits scholars emphasize.

0663 Reveal thy means in the end. Premature disclosure
Can cause irrevocable damage.

0664 It is easy for anyone to speak,
But difficult to execute what has been spoken.

0665 Dynamic deeds of brave souls
Will reach the king to win his praise.

0666 What is sought will be got as desired
If only the seeker is determined.

0667 Despise not by looks! Even linchpins hold in place
The wheels of mighty chariots!

0668 Acts resolved without ambiguity
Should be unwaveringly carried out without delay.

0669 However great the hardship,
Pursue with firmness the act that yields bliss.

0670 The world has no place for those who,
Despite other strengths, have no strength of firmness.

068 Mode of execution

0671 The end of deliberation is decision.
To decide and dawdle is bad.

0672 Delay where delay is needed,
But do not delay when you must act.

0673 Better strike wherever possible;
Elsewhere, consider other feasible means.

0674 Both tasks and foes, if left unfinished,
Will destroy like fire left un-extinguished.

0675 Five things should be pondered before you act:
Resources, weapons, time, place and deed.

0676 Weigh well before you plunge:
The inputs, impediments and gain.

0677 Experts have the expertise.
Get that expertise by knowing him inside out.

0678 Let one target be achieved through one's action,
Like an elephant through another.

0679 More urgent than rewarding friends,
Is to befriend enemies.

0680 If you are weak and fear internal trouble,
Seize conciliation with the strong.

069 Envoys

0681 Kindliness, high birth, and a nature pleasing to kings
Are the qualities of an envoy.

0682 An envoy's three essentials
Are loyalty, intelligence and sagacious speech.

0683 An envoy should be a scholar among the learned
To succeed among the powerful.

0684 Let him go on a mission who has these three:
Wisdom, personality and scholarship.

0685 An envoy's words should be compact,
Unoffending, pleasant and useful.

0686 An envoy should be well-read, fearless, persuasive,
And know what fits the occasion.

0687 The best know their mission, bide their time,
Wait for the occasion and think before speaking.

0688 A truthful messenger should have these three qualities:
Goodness, friendliness and boldness.

0689 A king's herald will not even negligently
Utter words that leave a stain.

0690 A brave envoy braves his life to safeguard
The ruler's interests at any cost.

070 Moving with kings

0691 Courtiers round a king, like men before a fire,
Should be neither too far nor too near.

0692 The way to gain gifts from a king
Is not to covet what he covets.

0693 Beware and ward off faults.
Suspicion once aroused is hard to clear.

0694 Whisper not, nor exchange smiles,
Amidst illustrious august men.

0695 Don't eavesdrop or pursue a king's secret.
Rather listen when secrets are revealed.

0696 Know his mood, consider the moment,
Avoid the unpleasant and speak the needful.

0697 Tell the useful and even when asked
Avoid always the useless.

0698 Don't treat him lightly as young or kin
But act as befits his splendour.

0699 Those with unwavering vision
Do not misuse their privileges and do wrong.

0700 Unworthy acts under the trust of old friendship
Lead to ruinous woes.

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