Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Calories In Liquor

Calories In Liquor

See that mass of fat around your once sculpted waist that makes love-handles look small? That, is a result of the alcohol you keep having at parties and social gatherings, just to give company to your friends, then colleagues and then the boss, the boss’s wife, etc. Your social image definitely gets a boost, but so does your waistline. The sedentary lifestyle does not help at all in reducing weight just by stretching your back occasionally!

You need to take out time to go and exercise in the gym. If you want to know how many calories you downed with all those glasses of alcohol, check out this chart that gives a clear picture of how much is the tolerable level of alcohol for you. Not only would you be cutting out on unhealthy calories, but you would also have a sense of achievement since you can now stop consuming extra alcohol. So next time, when you pick up that glass of wine, just keep in mind the amount of calories you will consume with every glass and decide for yourself when to stop!

Chart for Calorie Content in Alcohol

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