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Cholera Natural Remedies, Treatment | Cholera Ayurvedic Cure

Cholera Natural Remedies, Treatment | Cholera Ayurvedic Cure

Cholera is one of the most violent and devastating diseases known to mankind which still sadly carries a very high mortality rate despite sciences best efforts to eradicate it.

It is an infection of the lower bowel area and is carried in affected or dirty water. It is particularly prelevant during the monsoon season, so if you live in a region prone too such weather conditions you should take extra precautions against the disease.
Symptoms of Cholera

Mild diarrhea followed by violent purging such as excessive vomiting and a general nauseous feeling.
The sufferer will also have a raging thirst and will feel restless within themselves
The blood pressure will also fall which will give extremely painful cramps in the internal system and in all likelihood will lead to full body and physical collapse.

Ayurvedic Causes of Cholera

In the Ayurvedic philosophy a disease such as cholera is caused by a visitation of external force into the body that causes a great aggrivation of the doshas. This allows the negative amas to build up with compromises pitta.

The pitta needs to be healed in order to re-balance dosha. In order to achieve this the digestive system must be de-toxed and purifiedthus allowing the intestinal region afflicted by cholera the chance to heal and be able to function again properly.

Ayurvedic remedy as prevention and cure for cholera

A simple lemon is highly effective in preventing cholera. A regular intake of its juice, either by itself or mixed in with other liquid gives the body the nutrients needed to fight off the negative amas, to purge the intestine and to keep it healthy.

An outbreak of cholera very often takes the form of an epidemic, so if you are caught up in one it becomes particularly vital you keep up your lemony intake to ensure the deadly bacteria does not spread to you.

Cucumber juice also helps alleviate the suffering of cholera. You can simply liquidize the cucumbers’ leaves and drink it straight. Not only does it quell the symptom of raging thirst but also replenishes the internal acid needed to fight the cholera virus.

Generally it is important to revive acidity in order to purge the negative toxin and any liquid that does this is highly recommended to ingest.
Ayurvedic Diet for Cholera

As the digestive system is compromised to such an extent that during an outbreak of cholera solid foods can not be ingested properly, then liquid and liquid food are the only options available to the sufferer.

The drinking of pure fruit juices made freshly from the fruit and clean, or slightly boiled water are to be encouraged.

A daily intake of the following foods liquidized is also vital


The frequent ingestion of onion is highly recommended as it quells thirst and settles the patents restlessness. It can also be kneaded down and mixed with black peppers and taken 2 or 3 times daily.

A strict diet is the only way to combat cholera as the sufferer will be too weak to undertake exercise or yoga as usually prescribed in Ayurvedic prevention and cure.

However meditation would be useful in clearing the mind and giving inner strength to the sufferer as they fight this deadly and terrible disease.

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