Sunday, 22 May 2011

A Cloud Computing Infrastructure

A Cloud Computing Infrastructure: What’s the Value?

Cloud computing infrastructures and’s platform have won over the CIOs of some of the world’s largest organizations. These forward-thinking (yet extremely security-conscious) tech executives fully vetted and realized the value cloud computing technology offers. frees companies from traditional software and its hidden costs, high failure rates, unacceptable risks, and protracted implementations. All while providing a comprehensive, flexible platform that meets the needs of businesses of every size, from the world's largest enterprises to small and mid-sized companies everywhere. minimizes the risk involved in application development and implementation. After all, technology should solve your business problems, not create more headaches. With and the cloud computing technology, you'll be free to focus on solving strategic problems instead of worrying about infrastructure requirements, maintenance, and upgrades.

The cloud computing infrastructure also promises significant savings in administrative costs—more than 50 percent in comparison to client/server software.

The areas in which cloud computing saves administrative costs include:

• Basic customization. The cloud computing technology’s point-and-click tools empower administrators and business users to perform basic customizations themselves.

• Real-time reporting. Easy wizards step users through report and dashboard creation, so IT’s queue is free of report requests.

• Security and sharing models. The sharing model built into the cloud computing infrastructure protects sensitive data while making the management of security profiles much less time-consuming.

• Multiple languages and currencies. Included support for 13 languages and all currencies make managing a global application easier.

No wonder so many CIOs are restructuring their companies around a cloud computing infrastructure.

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