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Famous Diamonds

Famous Diamonds

Famous Diamonds constitute the superior breed of the diamond community and have withstood the glories and ravages of many cultures and eras. They are about two-thirds the age of the earth and have made their owners proud. They have been the witnesses of the rise and fall of many civilizations and kingdoms. The famous diamonds have captured the hearts and minds of millions for centuries.

Diamonds are available in varied proportions of weight and in vivid colors. The Famous diamonds are considerable in weight. There are a certain number of famous diamonds that are not only large but colored as well. A number of extraordinarily colored hybrid diamonds have gained fame in the past years. They were recognized as wonderful examples of the beautiful nature of diamonds and were famous because of the eminent people who wore, procured and vended them. Some concise facts about few famous diamonds are explained below.

The Cullinan Diamond

A South African prevalent diamond named after the owner of the mining company. The Cullinan diamond weighs 3106 carats. The diamond was chiseled and shaped into 105 beautiful diamonds. The largest is known as the Star of Africa and is a 530 carat diamond. The historical fact states that in the year 1907, this diamond was given to King Edward VII of England and adorned the Royal Scepter. The diamond along with the other British Crown Jewels is preserved in the Tower of London.

The HOPE Diamond

This diamond is recognized as a 45.52 carat steel blue diamond and is currently on exhibition at the Smithsonian Institute. This diamond was contributed to the Smithsonian in 1958. The Hope is basically flat in shape with a rough texture and comprises a strength of 110-carat. This diamond fluoresces with an exceptional ruddy color when exposed to ultraviolet light.

The Koh-I-Noor

Koh- I-Noor means ‘Mountain of Light’. This diamond was originally India’s pride but is now among the British Crown Jewels. This diamond has a weight of 105.60 carats. Its historic background dates back to 1304 when the diamond contributed to the arrogance of Shah Jehan’s famous peacock throne as one of the peacock’s eyes.

Taylor Burton Diamond

Taylor-Burton Diamond the 33.19 Karat diamond was purchased by Richard Burton for Elizabeth Taylor.

Taylor-Burton diamond was originally cut from a rough stone that weighed 240.80 carats and was found in the Premier Mine in 1966 and subsequently bought by Harry Winston.
This diamond was originally known as the Cartier diamond named after Cartier Inc.

Jones Diamond

The Jones Diamond is 34.48 carats diamond and posseses 12 diamond shaped faces.

It was discovered by the Jones family and is the largest alluvial soil diamond ever discovered in North America.

The Jones Diamond is also known as "The Horseshoe diamond" as it was discovered by the Jones Family while pitching horseshoes in the year 1928

Famous diamonds relate to brilliant gems, wealth, status and prosperity. They have been the causes, the ends and the sustenance of glorious histories and have enhanced the status of many famous kings and knights.

Other Famous Diamonds

There are other famous diamonds that have their own famous cultures associated with them, the major names include:

• The Allnatt Diamond
• The Centenary Diamond
• The Darya-ye Noor Diamond
• The Dresden Green Diamond
• The Florentine Diamond
• The Great Mogul Diamond
• The Jones Diamond
• The Portuguese Diamond
• The Red Cross Diamond
• The Sancy
• The Oppenheimer Diamond
• The Shah Diamond
• The Tiffany Yellow Diamond
• The Taylor-Burton Diamond

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