Saturday, 21 May 2011

Five big ideas of Grid Computers

Five big ideas

Grid computing is driven by five big areas:

1. Resource sharing: Global sharing is the very essence of grid computing.

2. Secure access: Trust between resource providers and users is essential, especially when they don't know each other. Sharing resources conflicts with security policies in many individual computer centers, and on individual PCs, so getting grid security right is crucial.

3. Resource use: Efficient, balanced use of computing resources is essential.

4. The death of distance: Distance should make no difference: you should be able to access to computer resources from whereever you are.

5. Open standards: Interoperability between different grids is a big goal, and is driven forward by the adoption of open standards for grid development, making it possible for everyone can contribute constructively to grid development. Standardization also encourages industry to invest in developing commercial grid services and infrastructure.

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