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Foods With High Calcium

Foods With High Calcium

Calcium is very important for the proper and timely development of our body. It is commonly perceived that calcium is essential not only for strong bones and teeth, but it is also important for many other functions of the body. Calcium is needed throughout the lifetime and its daily intake value increases with age. For babies, breastfeeding is the best way to source of calcium. The growing children need good amount of calcium for their growing bones. The recommended daily intake of calcium for adults is 1000 mg per day.

Here’s a list of calcium rich foods and the amount of calcium they offer:

Dairy Serving Size Calcium (mg)

Milk, whole 200 ml 236
Soy drink 200 ml 178
Yoghurt 150g 210
Cream, double, whipped 45g 26
Cream single 15g 13
Danish blue Cheese 40g 195
Edam 40g 318
Feta 40g 144
Cheddar 40g 296

Vegetables Serving Size Calcium (mg)

Broccoli, boiled 85g 34
Red kidney beans 105g 75
Chick peas, boiled 90g 42
Green/French beans 90g 50
Baked beans 135g 72
Almonds 26g 62
Sesame seeds 12g 80

Desserts Serving Size Calcium (mg)

Cheesecake 120g 94
Custard made with milk 120g 164
Rice pudding 200g 176

Fish Serving Size Calcium (mg)

Sardines in oil 100g 500
Whitebait 80g 688
Salmon 100g 91
Fish paste 35g 98

Breads and grains Serving Size Calcium (mg)

Pasta, cooked 230g 85
Rice boiled 180g 32
White bread 30g 53

Fruits Serving Size Calcium (mg)

Apricots, raw 160g 117
Figs 220g 506
Currants 50g 47
Orange 160g 75

Other foods Serving Size Calcium (mg)

Omelette, cheese 120g 344
Macaroni cheese 220g 374
Pizza, cheese & tomato 410g 873

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