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How To Get Rid Of Joint Pain?

How To Get Rid Of Joint Pain?

We can prevent some joint pain by changing our eating habits and our exercise habits. Few people eat the right kinds of foods on a daily basis and few people exercise regularly. It’s that simple. Making improvements in these two parts of life would go a long way toward reducing stiffness and pain in the joints. When combined with nutritional changes and regular exercise, select periods of rest will also help prevent some of the minor aches and pains of life.

However, there are times when a major joint, such as the knee or elbow begins to ache. This may even advance to the point where movement is downright painful. Sometimes even the healthiest diet and light exercise won’t prevent pain in the joints. We may experience a work-related injury or injury a joint during play or exercise. Then it is time to take some steps toward getting rid of joint pain.

Doctor Visit

This is a good place to begin. Visit your physician and discuss your diet, work schedule and exercise program. Find out if extra weight is putting stress on joints and making them hurt. Have your doctor or a specialist look for degeneration in the joints. Sometimes the joint deteriorates with age and overuse.

For these minor pains you can also use warm applications or ice packs, depending on what the problem seems to be (and depending on what works for you). If the doctor feels that you need additional help he or she may recommend a one-time steroidal injection that can relieve pain for several weeks, even for a few months.

You Can Do This

If there are no serious complications, you should probably begin your day with some light stretching and movement to loosen the joints. Our bodies do settle and may even slightly “lock” into place during the night. A few seconds of slow, careful stretching and walking around will go a long way toward getting minor pains out of those joints.
Some people find relief with over-the-counter ointments that take some of the pain and inflammation out of the joint. These products only treat the symptoms, however, so you should be sure to talk with your doctor if pain persists. There may be a more deep-seated problem.

Hundreds of people take a glucosamine supplement regularly. This substance is believed to be effective against pain of arthritic joints and general stiffness. Make sure you follow directions carefully when using this or any other retail supplement or medication. Some people find that herbal teas relief stiffness and may actually reduce some joint pain. You may also want to look into the use of cod-liver oil. This and other natural oils may be just what stiff, painful joints need to operate smoothly and painlessly.

Finally, you can try some natural foods like nuts and a few types of cherries. These are believed to have active ingredients that can help maintain free-moving joints. This may be a long-term solution but it may be worth a try. Others find that fresh fruits and drinks made from fresh fruits also contribute to gradual loosening of the joints. You can also try a water exercise at the pool.

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