Thursday, 19 May 2011

Taxi of Tomorrow - Nissan NV200 van named NYC’s

Nissan NV200 van named NYC’s ‘Taxi of Tomorrow,’ Travis Bickle cringes

New Yorkers, this is your “Taxi of Tomorrow.” After two years of deliberation, Nissan’s NV200 was chosen as the city’s exclusive taxi yesterday, edging out models from Ford Motor Co. and Turkish manufacturer Karsan. The four-passenger van is slated to hit New York’s streets in late 2013, after which it will be gradually phased in on a more widespread basis. With a manufacturer suggested retail price of around $29,000, the commodious NV200 boasts a 2.0L 4-cylinder powertrain, transparent roof panel, driver navigation system, overhead reading lights and a mobile charging unit, replete with a 12V outlet and two USB ports. Nissan also placed an emphasis on passenger and pedestrian safety, with front and rear-seat curtain airbags, standard traction control and an external lighting system designed to alert others when the NV200′s doors are opening.

The van’s microbial seat fabric should help assuage the fears of many germophobes, while its “low-annoyance” horn promises to put a (probably miniscule) dent in the city’s noise pollution. Mayor Bloomberg definitely won’t realize his all-hybrid dreams by 2012, but Nissan has agreed to participate in a forthcoming EV pilot program, involving up to six of the company’s electric LEAFs. Until then, New Yorkers will have plenty of time to get used to the city’s new soccer mom approach to taxi transport. Check the video below.

See the full video of the interview below:

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