Friday, 6 May 2011

Water Retention

Water Retention

Water retention can be described as a process in which the body retains water to account for the lack of it. Did you know that maximum people retain a little water making this phenomenon fairly common? Women may especially detect a rise in water retention in the week prior their menstruation. While it is okay to stop minor water retention at home, consulting a doctor becomes mandatory incase the problem is acute.

Home Remedies for Water Retention

Paradoxically, the most recommended home remedy for stopping water retention is by consuming more water. This is because water retention problem normally surfaces when our body gets dehydrated. So having eight to 10 glasses of water a day will help in eliminating extra water from the body.

Another remedy for stopping water retention is cutting down the intake of extra sodium in the diet. This is not easy. Normally we can single out few food items that have high sodium content, but then just about any packaged food contains some amount of sodium. Try keeping a tab on the amount of sodium you consume.

Another remedy for stopping water retention is through increasing intake of caffeine. A known diuretic, caffeine will help discard a little of water weight when taken in small quantity.
Certain foods also have little diuretic effect. For example, try mixing few drops of lemon juice in your water as it will help in more frequent urination and stop water retention. You can also have any food rich in Vitamin C as they have diuretic properties too.

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