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Ayurveda Doshas - Vata Dosha

Ayurveda Doshas

Vata Dosha

Do You Belong to Vata Types?

The vata dosha is associated with air and ether, and in the body promotes movement and lightness. Vata people are generally thin and light physically, dry-skinned, and very energetic and mentally restless. When vata is out of balance, there are often nervous problems, hyperactivity, sleeplessness, lower back pains, and headaches.

There are some peculiar characteristics that are primarily attached to people who belong to the Vata Constitution. You most probably fit in to the vata types if you largely possess the following characteristics:

You are creative and quick in mental activities
Your imaginative powers are commendable
You quickly learn and grasp knowledge that is new but you also have the tendency to forget it soon
Sexually, you get easily excited but also promptly satisfied
You look thin and slim as vata types are the lightest of all body types
You pace of walk and the way you talk is quick
You normally face a lot of discomfort in cold climates
Your personality reflects fun, liveliness and excitement
You often face mood swings
Your daily routine is irregular
You have a variable appetite and digestive efficiency
You have a strong tendency to overexert and tire yourself easily
When you are in balance, you are full of enthusiasm and joy
When you are out of balance, you react to stress with a lot of anxiety, worry and fear
You act impulsively sometimes
Your thoughts are racing and disjointed
You do not perspire much which results into dry skin and dry hair
The health problems that are common to you include hypertension, headaches, sore throats, dry coughs, anxiety, ear aches, muscle spasms, irregular heart rhythms, constipation, abdominal gas, lower back pain, diarrhea, nervous stomach, premature ejaculation, menstrual cramps, and arthritis
Imbalance related to vata normally gives rise to neurological disorders

Some Other Features:

Usually, people who belong to the vata constitution are underdeveloped physically. They have visible muscle tendons and veins and their chests are flat. They have a whitish complexion and their skin is cold, rough, cracked and dry.
You will find that these people are either too short or too long. Their muscles develop poorly and this results into the revelation of their bone-ends and joints. They have curly and scanty hair and thin eyelashes. Also, their eyes are often described as lusterless. They are small, sunken, dry but active. They have brittle and rough nails and their shape of the nose is usually bent.

If you understand the vata people physiologically, you will find that their appetite and digestive efficiency is variable. They prefer hot dinks and love tastes that are sweet, salty and sour. They sleep less as compared to the other body types.

When understood psychologically, they possess little willpower and tolerance and have the tendency to move towards a state of mental instability soon. They are by nature fearful, anxious and nervous. But, they have the ability to make quick money. However, they also spend it equally quick.

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