Monday, 23 May 2011

Ayurveda Doshas - Pitta Dosha

Pitta Dosha

Do you belong to Pitta Types?

Pitta is associated with fire and water. In the body, it is responsible for metabolism and digestion. Pitta characteristics are medium-built bodies, fair skin, strong digestion, and good mental concentration. Pitta imbalances show up as anger and aggression and stress-related conditions like gastritis, ulcers, liver problems, and hypertension.

There are some peculiar characteristics that are primarily attached to people who belong to the Pitta Constitution. You most probably fit in to the pitta types if you largely possess the following characteristics:

You have a medium sized physique that is well-built and strong
Your concentration powers are extremely good and you have a very sharp mind
You are focused and organized
When you are at your best, you stay firm, self-confident, self-assured and consumerist
When you are not in balance, you become aggressive, pushy and too demanding
You really enjoy challenges and are competitive
You possess passion and romance
Sexually, you possess endurance more than vata types but less than kapha types
You have a strong appetite and digestion efficiency and you generally do not prefer to miss a meal
You love it when you are in command
Under stressful circumstances, you have a tendency to become very angry and irritated
You have a fair and reddish skin
Your hair are usually straight and fine
You do not like hot weather at all as you get irritated by heat
Your perspiration rate is very high
You are stubborn and hold strong opinions
You are good public speakers
You are sharp, sarcastic and blunt
You have good leadership qualities
You are impatient and short-tempered

Health disorders that you might struggle with include acne, rashes on the skin, skin inflammation, skin cancer, boils, heartburn, ulcers, uncomfortable intestine or stomach sensations, acid stomach, and insomnia, problems related to vision, jaundice and anemia.

Some Other Features:

People that belong to the category of Pitta constitution usually have a height that is neither too short nor too long. They are known to have a body frame that is delicate. Their muscle tendons and veins are not too prominent but they are somewhat visible. The development of their muscles is moderate.

Their skin is soft, warm and less wrinkled. Their eyes are mostly gray, green or cooper-brown and they are known for their sharpness. They have soft nails. The shape of their nose is also sharp.

If we try and understand the Pitta people from a physiological perspective, we will find that they have power over a strong appetite and metabolism. This enables them to consume more liquid and food. They naturally love bitter, sweet and acerbic tastes. They enjoy an uninterrupted sleep.

If we try and understand the pitta people psychologically, we will find that they naturally comprehend very well. They are known to be intelligent and sharp-minded. They are inclined towards oratory and they are most likely to feel emotions like anger, hate and jealousy strongly.

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