Saturday, 21 May 2011

Corruption of India 2010

Corruption of India 2010 And Before

Plunders of India:

India now is witnessing not mere corruption, but national plunder.

--Brahma Challeny, The Hindu, Dec 6, 2010

India’s standing per Transparency International

India’s Corruption Perception Index: 3.3

Scale of 0 to 10

10 (highly clean), 0 (highly corrupt)

India - The republic of scams

India’s political corruption posses an existential threat to the state.

India - Republic of scams

Kings have gone but new dynasties are coming up
Kings have gone but our corrupt democratic system is evolving into new dynasties with Nehru dynasty that amassed vast wealth and resources as the King and the other families as satellites (for e.g.,) YSR, Karunanidhi, Dev Gowda’s, NTR’s, Chautala’setc.

The pattern of corruption is started by IndiraGandhi, who openly patronized corruption as common in the world.

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