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Headache Natural Cure | Ayurvedic Remedies Treatment

Headache Natural Cure | Ayurvedic Remedies Treatment

Ayurvedic thought propose that headaches are due to aggravation of the three doshas, or humors. Instead of taking a painkiller as is popular in Western medicine, ayurvedic thought believes that it is necessary to find out the root problem behind the headache. There are many different causes, but fortunately, there are also many different remedies that are available.

Most often, it is the vata humor that is out of balance when you have a headache. Some of the many possible causes include:

Mental stress
Excessive caffeine or nicotine
Reading without proper lighting
Sitting too close to the television, or watching too much of it
May also be a symptom of some other disease
Side-effect of another medication
Head injury
Not sleeping well

Here are several suggested remedies, many of which are easily made at home:

Take one teaspoon of almond oil and heat; when it has cooled sufficiently, place two drops of the oil in each nostril
Rub mixture containing one teaspoon of cinnamon oil and a quarter of a teaspoon of clove powder into the site of the pain
Place a wet cloth on the neck
Try an oil massage on your scalp; some suggested oils include sesame and
Do a headstand only if it is before dawn or after dusk and you have an empty stomach
Diet is also an important component in the fight against headaches.

Following are some suggestions for appeasing the vata humor:

Eating certain nuts or seeds that have been soaked, including almonds, walnuts, and sunflower seeds
Light squashes

Generally, warm foods that are not too dry; try cooking vegetables in olive oil

There are also many things you can do to help alleviate the symptoms and prevent future headaches from ever occurring.

Keeping your mind and body free from stress is very important
Try to maintain a proper diet; avoid things like fried foods and spicy foods
Do not try to suppress natural urges for things like sneezing, yawning, bathroom needs
Avoid sleeping during the day
Proper exercise and stretching
Try getting a massage with therapeutic oils

There is also a set of remedies for those who suffer from migraine type headaches

Avoid direct exposure to the sun
Take walks during the full moon
A very beneficial yoga pose for migraines is Moon Salutation
Practice shitali, which is a cooling breathing exercise that has many added benefits

Sometimes, according to ayurvedic medicine, where exactly the headache is occurring is actually a warning to your body that there is a problem elsewhere. By becoming familiar with what zone your headaches occur in, your practitioner will be able to determine if you are really suffering from ulcers, a kidney disorder, or something else, and the headache itself is merely a symptom.

If you suffer from frequent headaches, be sure to visit an ayurvedic practitioner who can thoroughly examine you and determine a specific treatment plan with your particular needs in mind.

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