Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Google + and Facebook, What are the major differences?

Google + and Facebook, What are the major differences?

The search engine Google has launched its social network called Google Plus (also spelled Google +) and according to experts it will be the Facebook of the future . But what are the differences between Google and Facebook plus? Lets explore together.

1) First of all Google Plus is a cross between Facebook and Twitter : anyone can add you to friends without being accepted, just as the followers of Twitter.

2) You can also add anyone you want, without sending invitation to the people you are adding.

3) When you add a friend, you place it in a “circle” i.e friends, acquaintances, family and other (you can create custom circles, as “classmates”). When you share a place or a link or a video or photos you can decide whether to show it to everyone or only to certain circles.

4) You can not write on the board of Friends . Just like Twitter, Google Plus is more oriented to the sharing of their content.

5) On Google Plus you can do video chats with friends .

6) Google Plus does not have the “like” but +1 to report content that we find most interesting

In short, for now Google Plus is being tested. a small number of users, it is “trying” to see if it is interesting … I wonder if Facebook will be able to replace in our hearts (and our computers)?

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