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Swimming Tips

Swimming Tips

It is said that one of the best ways to lose weight is swimming for exercise. Indeed, swimming pool exercises entails a whole body workout. It burns a lot of calories because practically muscles from head to toe are used. Most importantly, it builds muscular strength and endurance plus it helps give cardiovascular workout with less strain on the joints.
There a number of swimming tips online that people may want to look into. They are all basically the same and generally point to the same direction, which is giving tips for swimming to lose weight and to have a fun and safe swimming.
To get the most out of swimming, the following swimming tips might be helpful:

The first swimming tips would encourage a person to master at least one kind of swimming stroke. The most common strokes used, which should be kept in mind while reading on these swimming tips, are the breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly and freestyle strokes. The breaststroke involves proper timing of arm pulling, breathing and kicking, which allows the body to surface up and down while gliding forward through the water. The butterfly is more difficult as it involves a dolphin kick, arm pull, and a wormlike torso glide. The backstroke is swimming face-up with backward windmill arm strokes and flutter kicks. The freestyle, a.k.a the crawl, is like the backstroke but done on one’s belly.
The second swimming tips would tell people to wear the proper swimming attire. For women, there are one-piece or two-piece bathing suits that allow them to remain chic in and out of water. Alternately, for men, there are available swimming trunks and shorts. Wearing proper swimming suits is advised as they are lighter and more resilient, which allows more body movement.
The third swimming tips would remind a person not to forget to wear goggles. These would protect the eyes from the chlorinated pool water or from the salty sea water. The goggles would also allow the swimmer to see under water. Fortunately, there are now prescription swim goggles that are available for those who have poor eye sight. Lastly for this swimming tips, in order for them to serve their purpose, swimming goggles should be the right fit so that water would not seep in and in order for them to stay in place at all times.
The fourth swimming tips would direct that swimming caps or hair ties are to be worn. This is a directive especially for people with long bangs or hair. They keep the hair off the face; they protect the hair from the harmful effects of the sun and the water; and the caps are said to lessen the swimmer’s resistance under water. Caps are usually made of neoprene, silicone, spandex and latex.
The fifth swimming tips would tell a swimmer to bring flotation devices and other swimming for exercise equipment, such as vests, kickboards, pull buoys, fins, hand paddles, gloves, water dumbbells and weights, noodle, aqua jogger, water treadmill. These are for the swimmer’s safety and to help him practice his strokes as well.

The last swimming tips for beginners would tell a swimmer to rest when tired, to continuously practice his breathing, to wear sun block creams and lotions, to swim with a companion and to always look out for the water depth when swimming.

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