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Top 10 Romantic Colors

Top 10 Romantic Colors

In the language of psychology every color has a meaning and is used to boost a particular mood. This is the reason why color coordination is very important in interior decoration, fashion designing. This fact makes it important that you select the correct colors to have a perfect Valentine's Day celebration. Make sure that you use the top 10 romantic colors to create a mysterious world of love and romance.

Some of the popular top 10 romantic colors are as follows:
1. Purple is the color of romance and passion. It is the most feminine color amongst the top 10 romantic colors. Use the color purple in Valentine's Day flowers, gifts and decorations to awaken the romantic spirit in your beloved.

2. Maroon is the symbol of outrageous passion and imagination. Maroon is mostly used in Valentine's Day dessert to sweeten the romantic relationship. Many restaurants also use maroon candles on dinner tables.

3. Pink is the color of innocent love and affection. It is the gentlest color amongst the top 10 romantic colors. Pink is the perfect color for new relationships. This is the reason why pink roses are as popular as red roses on Valentine's Day. Pink teddies, candies and pink satin bows area also very popular parts of Valentine's Day celebrations.

4. Orange is a very bright color and suggests fertility and happiness. It stands for fulfillment. This is the reason why orange candies, cakes and flowers are used greatly on Valentine's Day.

5. The color blue symbolizes trustworthiness. So, if you want to assure the love of your life of your honesty then gift a bunch of blue orchids. It also has subtle erotic suggestions. This is the reason why blue light is used in Valentine's Day parties and night clubs.

6. Yellow stands for wisdom and illumination. It is symbol of the sun and hence suggests power. Yellow is not a very popular romantic color. However if you want to complement the beauty of your beloved then this is the perfect color for you.

7. Green is color of royalty and can be used in Valentine's Day decorations.

8. Red is the most popular color in top 10 romantic colors. In fact it is a vital symbol of Valentine's Day celebrations. Red Candies, Valentine's Day cards, red hearts and red roses are very popular parts of Valentine's Day celebrations.

9. White suggests purity and is popularly used in Valentine's Day decoration.

10. Lavender is another very popular romantic color used on Valentine's Day.

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