Tuesday, 19 July 2011

How to Extract Audio from Video Files using VLC Media Player

How to Extract Audio from Video Files using VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is not only a media player but it is a complete software program. We can easily extract audio from FLV, AVI and other video files. The step are very simple to extract MP3 format files from video files.

We first need VLC Media Player installed in your system. If not you can download it from its official website.

Once you have VLC Media Player, Open it on your system.

Go to Media > Convert/Save. This will open the dialog box where you can select the file which to be converted. Just not that media can be converted from hard drive file, network, removable media, or a Capture Device.

Select the desired file that needs to be converted to MP3 format with a click on the Add button. Click Convert/Save as the next step. This opens a new dialog box for Stream Output. The option “File” needs to then be checked and click “Browse” and this will save the file locally. It may be necessary to create and name a new file, in fact, it is recommended so that it can be easily found later or if multiple files need to be converted. This just makes things more convenient. The file will be saved with the filename. Notice that a “.ps” extension is automatically appended to the file name:

The “.ps” appendix will have to be changed in order to save the file as an MP3. Just substitute the “.ps” extension with a “.mp3?” extension.

Please note that you can enter the name plus the .mp3 file extension so that .ps is not appended automatically. Go to the Settings section of the Convert dialog box to open the Profile drop down menu. Here, the format can be selected. In this case, the desired format is MP3. Select MP3 encoding.

Final step is, Click Start and allow the data to stream then save. Now you should be able to play your MP3 file extracted from the chose video file.

Since this method can be easily used with any video file type and converted to any audio file format, this is a very versatile tool for creating media extensions that can be added to presentations or used for creating videos with any custom style. The files created can be easily used interchangeably with any media software or media player utilities and devices and can be saved to any media source.

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