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Ayurveda Doshas - Kapha Dosha

Kapha Dosha

Do you belong to Kapha Types?

The kapha dosha is associated with water and earth. People characterized as kapha are generally large or heavy with more oily complexions. They tend to be slow, calm, and peaceful. Kapha disorders manifest emotionally as greed and possessiveness, and physically as obesity, fatigue, bronchitis, and sinus problems.

There are some peculiar characteristics that are primarily attached to people who belong to the Kapha Constitution. You most probably fit in to the kapha types if you largely possess the following characteristics:

You are a very relaxed and easy going person
You pace of doing things is generally slow
You are extremely loving and affectionate
You are known for your non-judgmental temperament and you possess forgiveness and compassion
You are stable in yourself and this is what makes you reliable and faithful
You seem to be strong physically and compared to all other body types, you have a heavier build
You are full of constructive energy that is enduring and steady rather than being explosive
Your pace of walk is slow and highly graceful
Your speech is also slow and reflects a thought process that is deliberate
You are slow learner with a remarkable long-standing memory. You do not forget things easily
Your skin and hair are soft
You possess large and soft eyes
Your voice is also low and soft
You are overweight and also struggle with the problem of sluggish digestion
You are likely to fall victim to heavy and extremely oppressive depressions
You have a very gentle, mild, and undemanding approach towards life which makes you more self-sufficient
You possess a high sexual endurance but you are not easily aroused of all the constitutions
You have a strong resistance against diseases and usually stay in good health
You do not lose your temper easily and tend to achieve peace and harmony in your surroundings
You are great point of stability for others as you do not become upset very easily
You have the tendency to get possessive and cling on to people or things
In terms of finances and money, you save wisely
Health disorders that you normally face comprise cold and congestion, hay fever, sinus headaches, respiratory problems that include wheezing and asthma, atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), and allergies.

Some Other Features:

Those who belong to the kapha types have bodies that are well-developed. They normally gain weight quickly. The chest area of their body is broad and expanded. Their veins and muscle tendons are not easily visible as their muscles are nicely developed.

Kapha people usually have bright and fair complexion. Their skin is very soft and lustrous. However, the skin also has a tendency to be cold, pale and oily. They have thick, soft, dark and wavy hair. The color of their eyes is generally blue or black; eyes are normally dense, captivating and large.

From the physiological perspective, kapha people enjoy regular appetites. They eat less food because they digest food slowly. They prefer pungent, astringent and bitter foods. They perspire moderately. They have a prolonged, sound sleep and possess a good stamina. They are mostly characterized as happy, healthy and peaceful individuals.

Psychologically, kapha people are very calm, tolerant, loving and forgiving. However, they equally possess the personality traits of affection, jealousy and possessiveness. Also, once kapha people understand something their knowledge stays everlastingly with them. They usually stay wealthy as in matters related to finances; they are experts at earning and retaining money.

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