Tuesday, 21 June 2011

How to speed up windows XP?

How to speed up windows XP?

Here is a step by step guide in order to improve windows XP speed.

Step 1: Check if Windows XP is using the NTFS file system.

In order to check the file system do following

a)Double click on My Computer icon then right-click on C: dive.

b) Select properties then examine the type of file system.

c) If it is FAT32, then take backup of your important data.

d) Click on start, and then click on Run, type CMD, and then click on option OK.

e) When prompt opens then on it, type following “CONVERT C: /FS: NTFS” and press enter

Step 2: Using the MSCONFIG utility remove any unwanted programs and items from Windows Startup.

This is to be done as follows

a) Click on Start, and then click on option Run

b) Now type MSCONFIG, and then click OK.

c) Click on the tab names as StartUp, and then you can uncheck those items that you don’t want to start when Windows boots.

Step 3: In order to get optimum performance we have to remove all spyware from the system. There are free programs such as AdAware or SpyBot Search and Destroy. Install these programs on your system update them before scanning. Remove infections to speed up your machine.

Step 4: A disk cleanup has to be done once a month.

This is to be done as follows

a) Double click my Computer icon

b) Right-click on the C: drive and choose option properties.

c) Click on the button named disk cleanup

d) Delete all temporary files.

Step 5: PC’s video and motherboard drivers have to be updated regularly. BIOS needs to be configured and updated too.

Step 6: File indexing has to be disabled. This utility takes information from documents and files on the hard disk and generates a searchable keyword index. This is a very heavy process on system

Step 7: Upgrade your PC if it has less than or equal to 512 MB RAM. Adding more RAM will speed up the windows XP and one will be able to get optimal performance from windows operating system

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