Tuesday, 21 June 2011

U.S. Government Website Hacked

U.S. Government Website Hacked

WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- Their motto is "laughing at your security since 2011." But, the federal government is not laughing.

www.Senate.Gov was hacked Sunday, by Lulz Security. This is the same team of hackers who are responsible for security breaches at Sony, Nintendo, even the FBI.

"This may be a game for them but they are not going to have people looking after them," said cyber security expert and former FBI agent Scott Aken.

The company tweeted early Monday night that they were "releasing their Bethesda and Senate.gov double surprise releases."

On its website, the company listed codes and dates taken from Senate.gov.

The Sergeant at Arms says the network firewall prevented the hackers from gaining access to any vital information.

He says the only information seized was already public. Still, the Senate is working to beef up security. The weakness has been identified and the problem has been fixed.

Lulzsec also says the usernames and passwords of gamers from Bethesda Softworks were hacked. Aken says they are identifying weaknesses.

"To date, they haven't levied any harm on companies but they are exposing vulnerabilities," he said. "Companies need to work on these vulnerabilities and penetrate their systems like a hacker would."

Aken says nearly seven of their 10 companies have had similar security breaches in the last year.

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