Friday, 17 June 2011

Mehendi : Green Gives Red

Mehendi : Green Gives Red

The green leaves from Mehendi plant gives red color on the skin. Mehendi stands for the art of decorating palms, feet and other parts of the body with a paste of henna(mehendi). Ready made henna powder is available in the market. The henna powder can also be made by drying henna leaves in shade and grinding them to form a fine powder. Usually, the henna paste is mixed with many other ingredients that help to darken the color.

Mehendi is derived from a plant. So it is a herbal product which gives no allergic reaction. (one may get allergic reaction from the ingredient you mix ). Apart from a cosmetic, mehendi also has medicinal properties. According to ancient Indian medicine, it cools the body and is also used in aromatherapy. Henna gives softness, strength and shine if used on hair.

Mehendi plays a very important role in Indian marriages. It is believed that young girls who get dark color from mehendi will get a handsome groom. It also denotes prosperity and good luck. It symbolically says as the henna gives away her color to beautify someones hands, the bride should also be generous and kind to give up certain things to beautify the life ahead of her.....

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