Friday, 17 June 2011

Sugar and Lemon Juice Fixative

Sugar and Lemon Juice Fixative

This mixture is the most common for dabbing on the damp paste to keep it moist and help secure it to your skin. I prefer to use the unrefined evaporated cane juice (Sucanet) or jaggery, but many people use white sugar. I also mix mine a bit sweeter than most people I have talked to.

What you will need:

2tbsp sugar (again, I used the cane juice or jaggery)
2tbsp lemon juice
Mix thoroughly until the sugar is all liquified in the juice. I store the extra in the fridge until I need it again. So far I haven't had any problems with it, and presently there is a 2 month old batch of this in my fridge.

I have begun purchasing the large bottle of lemon juice concentrate, and simmering cloves in the juice for a couple of hours. I strain the lemon/clove juice back into the bottle and just keep in in my fridge until I need it.

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