Thursday, 16 June 2011

Top Ten Countries With High Quality Of Life

Top Ten Countries With High Quality Of Life

Norway: Norway attracts many tourists annually. Cruises to Norway are a popular way of seeing the country. Cruises to Norway are enjoyable as they provide a variety of entertainment, all under one roof.

Sweden: In Sweden real estate market sees a regular growth. The Sweden real estate market sells affordable and luxurious properties. The people lead a high quality of life in Sweden.

Canada: There are many jobs in Canada that attract people to the country. The jobs in Canada provide a high quality of living and the country too is a peaceful place to stay in. Know more...

Iceland: One can enjoy an arctic time by going for holidays in Iceland. Holidays in Iceland provide with stays in hotels made completely out of ice making one believe in magic.

Netherlands: In Netherlands one never can feel the time passing by. One can see the scenic countryside or live in one of the Netherlands hotels that are built to please tourists. The Netherlands hotels provide just the warmth and comfort one needs to enjoy one's vacation in Netherlands. Know more...

Japan: Tourists who travel to Japan never want to come back as the people and the beauty of the place are so captivating. Tourists travel to Japan and are locked in the fusion of the timelessness and modernity of the country.

World Top 10 - Countries with High Standard of Living

5.United States

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