Thursday, 16 June 2011

Top Ten Richest Countries

Top Ten Richest Countries

Top ten richest countries in the world
is based on the GDP per capita of each country. GDP or the Gross Domestic Product is the total market value of all final goods and services produced in a country in a given year. In the ranking of
World's Top 10 Richest Countries
, Luxembourg topped the list.
Once bolstered by iron and steel industry, Luxembourg economy at present gains momentum by providing international banking and financial services. Luxembourg, whose population now enjoys high standard of living, is also a favorite destination among European countries for hosting political activities. Luxembourg, situated in northwestern Europe, is also one of the smallest countries of the world.

Among other countries in the list, four are from Asia (Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and Singapore), one from Africa (Equatorial Guinea), three from Europe (Luxembourg, Norway and Ireland) and two from Americas (USA and Bermuda). All the countries are fully or partially industrialized and none of them are agrarian. International financial services, tourism, petroleum and natural gas exports, electronic goods manufacturing, aiding movement of goods (as in the case of Singapore) and flourished service sector are the keystones behind this economic success.

Bermuda Tourism has gained tremendously from the small country's strategic location in Atlantic Ocean. For travelers embarking on a tour of Bermuda, nonstop flights are available from eastern US cities like Chicago, New York, Washington DC as well as from Toronto, Halifax and London. There are also weekly cruises to three principal ports of this country.

UAE is a shopper's paradise. Artificially created beaches UAE, multiplexes UAE and amusement parks UAE are rife in this country. Other tourist activities in this desert kingdom include, UAE mountain hiking, UAE desert safaris, UAE oases, UAE camel racing, UAE camel riding, and UAE markets.

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